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      Of The Year 2020

Emma Penn


 Algiers “There is no Year”

Pet Shop Boys “Hotspot”

Beatrice Dillon “Workaround”

Moses Boyd “Dark Matter”

Cornershop “England Is A Garden”


Islet “Eyelet”

John Paul “Subjects”

Baxter Dury “The Night Chancers”

Run The Jewels “Run The Jewels 4”


The Chats “High Risk Behaviour” Pigs x7 “Viscerals”

Bob Vylan “We Live Here”

Jarv Is “Beyond the Pale”

Fontaines DC “A Hero’s Death”

The Cool Greenhouse “The Cool


Billy Nomates “Billy Nomates”

Dream Wife “So When you Gonna ...”


Dream Nails “Dream Nails”

Idles “Ultra Mono”

Public Enemy “What you gonna do

when the grid goes down?”

A Certain Ratio “Loco”

Working Men’s Club “Working Men’s Club”

Big Toast & 184 “Who Shit in the Sandpit?”

Asian Dub Foundation “Access Denied”

Compilation of the Year -Sleaford Mods “All That Glue”

Reissue of the Year- Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes “Blossom Deluxe”





If any of this takes your fancy, Spillers Records will be open again in the new year for mail order and limited opening times due to Covid.


27 The Morgan Arcade,Cardiff CF10 1AF

TEL : 02920224905

Neil Green

Poppy - "I Disagree"

Igorrr - "Spirituality & Distortion"

Run The Jewels - "RTJ4"

Asian Dub Foundation - "Access Denied"

Tricot - "Makkuro"

Tricot - "10"

Sordid Pink - s/t

Public Enemy - "What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?"

Tallah - "Matriphagy"

CJ Wildheart - "Siege"

Cecil - "Fathom Time"

New Found Glory - "Forever + Ever x Infinity"

Hum - "Inlet"

Mr Bungle - "The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny


Sepultura - "Quadra"

Body Count - "Carnivore"

Deftones - "Ohms"

Future Islands - "As Long As You Are"

Paradise Lost - "Obsidian"

My Dying Bride - "The Ghost Of Orion"

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