• sophiasalmassi

Paul Scoble - Top 90

Hi! When The Weird Nucleus asked me to do a list of my favourite albums I got really excited; I love music, I play the guitar, I have been in (unsuccessful) Bands, I am an avid new music collector, and write reviews and the odd article for an online music blog. TWN knew this and let me choose how large a list to make, which was a mistake! I had a look through all of my music and picked all the albums that were important to me, that I loved or that I had listened too bsessively. So, I now present to you my top 90 albums, I don’t know why it’s that number but I love every one of these albums. I’ve given each one a brief description and, as music is subjective and can become attached to feelings about other things, have included stories and explanations about some of the albums. I hope you enjoy reading it, and discover some music you appreciate.

90 - Hellhammer - Satanic Rites Demo

Out of all the musicians I admire and love, Tom G Warrior probably comes top. I’ve included

albums by all of his projects in this list. This was his first project, at the time Hellhammer were an obscure Swiss band, however this demo is now seen as the beginning of Extreme metal. This was the genesis for death metal, black metal and pretty much everything nasty and blasting. Recorded in November 1983, it was ridiculously ahead of its time, and has influenced everyone who has tried to play extreme metal, whether they know it or not.

89 - Batushka - Panihida

Second album of Liturgical Black Metal. It was recorded at a difficult time when another fake

version of Batushka was trying to steal the original bands fanbase. Black Metal mixed with chants from the Eastern Orthodox Church, unique and stunning.

88 - Ulver - Nattens Madrigal

The most viscous Lo-Fi sounding Black Metal album ever. There is a story that the band blew their recording budget on cars and suits, so had to record the album using cheap equipment, which resulted in one of the nastiest Black metal albums.

87 - Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

The very definition of heavy. The opening of Funeralopolis is heavier than some planets.

86 - Obed Marsh - Dunwitch

This is a new discovery. H.P. Lovecraft inspired Blackened Doom that tells the story of The

Dunwitch Horror. This is the only Lovecraft inspired metal that manages to capture the inherent evil of his writing. Utterly Sickening.