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Paul Scoble - Top 90

Hi! When The Weird Nucleus asked me to do a list of my favourite albums I got really excited; I love music, I play the guitar, I have been in (unsuccessful) Bands, I am an avid new music collector, and write reviews and the odd article for an online music blog. TWN knew this and let me choose how large a list to make, which was a mistake! I had a look through all of my music and picked all the albums that were important to me, that I loved or that I had listened too bsessively. So, I now present to you my top 90 albums, I don’t know why it’s that number but I love every one of these albums. I’ve given each one a brief description and, as music is subjective and can become attached to feelings about other things, have included stories and explanations about some of the albums. I hope you enjoy reading it, and discover some music you appreciate.

90 - Hellhammer - Satanic Rites Demo

Out of all the musicians I admire and love, Tom G Warrior probably comes top. I’ve included

albums by all of his projects in this list. This was his first project, at the time Hellhammer were an obscure Swiss band, however this demo is now seen as the beginning of Extreme metal. This was the genesis for death metal, black metal and pretty much everything nasty and blasting. Recorded in November 1983, it was ridiculously ahead of its time, and has influenced everyone who has tried to play extreme metal, whether they know it or not.

89 - Batushka - Panihida

Second album of Liturgical Black Metal. It was recorded at a difficult time when another fake

version of Batushka was trying to steal the original bands fanbase. Black Metal mixed with chants from the Eastern Orthodox Church, unique and stunning.

88 - Ulver - Nattens Madrigal

The most viscous Lo-Fi sounding Black Metal album ever. There is a story that the band blew their recording budget on cars and suits, so had to record the album using cheap equipment, which resulted in one of the nastiest Black metal albums.

87 - Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

The very definition of heavy. The opening of Funeralopolis is heavier than some planets.

86 - Obed Marsh - Dunwitch

This is a new discovery. H.P. Lovecraft inspired Blackened Doom that tells the story of The

Dunwitch Horror. This is the only Lovecraft inspired metal that manages to capture the inherent evil of his writing. Utterly Sickening.

85 - The Penitent - Before It All

Old school Depressive Black Metal, that manages to be harsh and savage, whilst being deeply cathartic and strongly melodic at the same time. I have Clinical Depression, this album was made especially for me!

84 - Thy Catafalque - Geometria

A beautiful mix of Black Metal, folk and electronica. It’s an immersive album that takes you to

places you don’t expect.

83 - Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit

An amazing mix of Black Metal, spirituals, soul and slave chants. The album title is a reference to the Billie Holiday song. It’s incandescently angry and in some ways is like a Black metal Rage Against The Machine. The most original take on Black Metal in a long time.

82 - Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God

Staggering piece of Industrial Black metal, a mix of fast and blasting Black metal tracks and

slower dissent soundscapes. The album also features a track called “Procession Of Dead

Clowns”, which speaks to me for some reason.

81 - Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do

My favourite Aphex Twin album, it’s a glitch techno masterpiece.

80 - Merciful Fate - Don’t Break The Oath

Wonderful NWOBHM infused metal, with King Diamonds amazing vocals. Aesthetically and lyrically deeply influential on the late eighties Black metal scene.

79 - Honey Crack - Prozaic

The band formed by CJ from The Wildhearts after leaving the band. Beautifully effervescent pop punk with fantastic vocal harmonies. The soundtrack to so many mid nineties road trips.

78 - Necrophagist - Epitaph

The album that redefined Technical Death Metal. It’s so good the band have never made another album.

77 - Falls Of Raurus - Patterns In Mythology

Achingly beautiful melodic Black Metal that is packed with tune-fullness and some amazing acoustic elements. One of my favourite recent Black Metal albums.

76 - Ihsahn - Eremita

My favourite of Ihsahn’s post Emperor material. Its taut and edgy progressive metal that is packed with fantastic riffs.

75 - Megadeth - Peace Sells....But Who’s Buying

My favourite Megadeth album. The bass-line on the title track is good enough for inclusion in this list on its own.

74 - Vallenfyre - The Fragile King

The album Gregor Mackintosh of Paradise Lost made to deal with his father's death. It drips with grief and pain, and is a heartbreaking tribute to his father, The Fragile King.

73 - Kampfar - Heimgang

Probably the best pagan metal album I’ve heard. Every riff makes me want to punch the air.

72 - David Bowie - Hunky Dory

My favourite Bowie album. The album is very piano heavy and is filled with amazing tunes. It’s been my favourite since I was a teenager, I know every track inside out.

71 - W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P.

I loved W.A.S.P. when I was 14. They were too nasty to be Glam Rock, but were defiantly not Traditional Metal. Hiding behind the stage shows, crazy costumes and exploding codpieces was a great band, fantastic songwriting and Blackie Lawless’s amazing voice, just listen to “Sleeping In The Fire” if you don’t believe me.

70 - AC/DC - Dirty Deeds

My favourite AC/DC album, I’ve always loved the Bonn Scott era. The songs had more of a blues feel to them and the tempos were a little more relaxed and swaggery.

69 - The Wildhearts - Earth Vs The Wildhearts

Manic Pop Punk from Newcastle. One of the best collection of great melodies, harmonies and amazing songwriting.

68 - Bathory - Under The Sign Of the Black Mark

Early, very thrashy Black Metal. This album has been ridiculously influential on Black Metal. It’s savage, primal and bestial in the best possible way.

67 - Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro

My favourite Anaal Nathrakh album. Incredibly fast and savage, a bit like being sandblasted with music.

66 - Annihilator - Alice In Hell

Amazing riffs and solos, one of the best thrash debut albums. The guitar work will make you dribble.

65 - 1349 - Hellfire

The band Frost from Satyricon joined when Satyr wouldn’t let him play Blast Beats anymore. Ridiculously fast blasting from beginning to end, this is one of the most intense and viscous orthodox Black Metal albums ever made.

64 - Windir - 1184

Amazing, folky Black Metal, packed with energy and melody. The band ended after the death of lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Valfar, from exposure.

63 - Sabbat - History Of A Time To Come

Best British Thrash album, from the first time around. Amazing riffs, fantastic lyrics and Martin Walkiyer’s crazy vocals.

62 - Overkill - Years Of Decay

Love this album, so many great songs.

61 - Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon

The album that launched the Black/Death, unbelievably filthy sounding wave of savage bestial bands. No-one ever got it as right as Beherit, the only album of this style that can hold a candle to it is the band's 2009 album Engram.

60 - Gorguts - Coloured Sand

A masterpiece of ultra technical Death Metal.

59 - Kreator - Extreme Aggression

My favourite Kreator Album. The title is spot on, beautifully angry.

58 - Autopsy - Acts Of The Unspeakable

Death Metal bands are usually fast and brutal and extreme; then there's the sickening putrid evil we call Autopsy, no other band sounds as sick. It’s like they make an album, then leave it out in the kitchen on a hot summer day, until it’s rancid, rotting and maggot infested, then they release it.

57 - Enslaved - Riitiir

My favourite Enslaved album, an amazing piece of Progressive metal.

56 - Tyiptykon - Requium

This was only released a few months ago, which is why it’s so low in the list, by this time next year I’m expecting this to be top ten. This is Tom G Warriors masterpiece, that took 36 years to come to fruition. A spellbinding mix of gothic metal and classical, performed by the band and The Metropole Orkest Ensemble.

55 - Sacred Reich - American Way

An amazing piece of thrash metal, pretty much only listened to this album in 1990.

54 - Metallica - Master Of Puppets

The best Metallica Album. After this pretty much everything went to shit for Metallica.

53 - Gama Bomb - Citizen Brain

Love the energy and ridiculously tight riffs on this album.

52 - Dio - Holy Diver

Ronnie James Dio sang on 3 of the best Rock and Metal albums ever made, all 3 are in this list. This is the first one, its incendiary Power Metal, with Dio’s staggering voice.

51 - Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

Absolutely love this album. Every song is a classic.

50 - Rainbow - Rising

The second album to feature Dio’s huge voice. The album is full of fantastic songs, written by Richie Blackmore, and that voice.

49 - Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit

Amazingly atmospheric Black Metal. Manages to be savage and incredibly beautiful in equal measure.

48 - Alcest - Les Voyages D L’Âme

Beautiful ethereal melancholia turned into Post Black Metal. Stunningly beautiful album.

47 - Voivod - Dimension Hatröss

Fantastically off kilter thrash metal. I once got to interview Away from Voivod, he was one of the nicest people I have ever met, that was defiantly a good day.

46 - Alters Of Plague - Mammal

Staggeringly affecting atmospheric Black Metal, the band perfected their sound with this album, and changed their style completely for the follow up.

45 - Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation

My favourite Dance album. I once worked on a Prodigy gig, it was the only gig I worked on where the term “Blast Radius” was appropriate.

44 - Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze - Offerings Of Flesh And Gold

Deeply ritualistic Anti-fascist, anti-capitalist Black Metal, from a band that want to put the 1% in the Apis Bull.

43 - Orange Goblin - Eulogy For The Damned

Brilliantly up-tempo Doom. This is a great album to listen to when walking somewhere, it’s all about the swagger.

42 - Clutch - Earth Rocker

My favourite of Clutch’s pretty much perfect hard rock albums.

41 - Sleep - Dopesmoker

The only one song album that actually works. A single 65 minute long song, that works brilliantly. Stoner Rock Perfection.

40 - Massacre - From Beyond

Brilliant old school Death Metal album that has been criminally overlooked. One of the best Death Metal albums to come out in 1991 (the best year for death metal).

39 - Fen - Winter

Beautiful Atmospheric Black metal, from Britain’s best Black Metal band.

38 - John Coltrane - My Favourite Things

An amazing jazz album. Anyone who plays a musical instrument that plays solos, should listen to John Coltrane, his phrasing is amazing.

37 - Coldworld - Autumn

Deeply effecting Atmospheric Black metal. The album is very melancholic, but also has uplifting elements that make the whole this feel deeply cathartic.

36 - Terrorizer - World Downfall

The best Grindcore album. The drumming will make you dribble.

35 - Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick

Another amazing Death Metal album from 1991. Amazing songwriting and fantastic musicianship. It was also released at the perfect time, just as the first wave of Death Metal was getting big.

34 - Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

My favourite Slayer album. A mix of the fast (Reign In Blood) and slow (South Of Heaven) material that featured on their last two albums. I like both styles, so Seasons is my favourite.

33 - Testament - The Legacy

Love this album. So fast and savage, and yet technically brilliant, Alex Skolnick’s lead guitar work is pretty special as well.

32 - None - Life Has Gone On Long Enough

Amazing Depressive Black Metal. Dripping with anguish, pain and melancholy beauty. The track “Hypoxic” is almost too beautiful.

31 - Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Sickeningly cold and desolate Black metal. A deeply controversial album that spawned about a million imitators.

30 - Sepultura - Arise

My favourite Sepultura album. Brilliantly tight thrash that at times verged on Death Metal. They never made anything as good as this again.

29 - Devin Townsend - Empath

I love Devin Townsend, I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s done. So it was a little bit difficult to choose one album. The reason I’ve gone for Empath is that it feels a little bit like he revisited all of his best bits of his other work with this album. So there a little bit of all the stuff I love, and we also get the wonderful Gilbert & Sullivan-esque “Why”, so it’s this one.

28 - Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime

The perfect Heavy Metal concept album. Every song is staggeringly good, the band never made anything even close to this good for the rest of their career.

27 - Iron Maiden - Powerslave

My favourite Maiden album, every track is fantastic. Probably the only album they did with no dud tracks.

26 - Mizmor - Cairn

It took me five or six listens before I got this album, but when I did I listened to it obsessively. The best Blackened Doom I have ever heard, savage Black Metal mixed with the slowest, saddest doom. This feels to me like a Black Metal version of the band “Warning” (see number 5), the sadness and despair is palpable.

25 - Ozzy Osbourne - Tribute

I’m choosing this more for Randy Rhodes, than Ozzy. An amazing live album featuring the late Randal William Rhodes, who died in 1981, after making only two albums for Ozzy. He’s my favourite guitarist, and this is my favourite album to feature him.

24 - Black Sabbath - Masters Of Reality

My favourite Ozzy era Black Sabbath album. The track “Children Of The Grave” is enough to make the list on its own.

23 - Anthrax - Among The Living

The first Thrash album I ever owned. Packed full of classic thrash songs, the riffs on “Imitation Of Life” kick the crap out of pretty much all other thrash riffs.

22 - Carcass - Necroticism : Descanting The Insalubrious

The perfect mix of the bands early Grindcore style and their later technical Death Metal style. Savage, but also full of melody and tune-fullness.

21 - Alters Of Grief - Iris

Beautiful Gothic Doom with elements of Black Metal. Amazing songwriting on an album that features violin and beautiful harmonised vocals.

20 - Suicidal Tendencies - Lights Camera Revolution

My favourite Suicidal album. The bands habit of constantly evolving meant that the hardcore of their debut had by this point morphed into almost perfect Thrash Metal.

19 - Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness

The best Immortal album. Every track is superb, riffs that will make you dribble!

18 - Violet Cold - Anomie

Beautiful mix of Atmospheric Black Metal, Post Black Metal, Electronica and World Music. It’s deeply cathartic, affecting and sublime.

17 - Wiegedood - De Doden Habben Het Goed 2

The favourite of the De Doden Habben Het Goed trilogy. Savage, extreme and unique, no other band sounds like Wiegedood.

16 - Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell

My favourite Black Sabbath album is one of the Dio albums. An amazing collection of Hard Rock songs. The title track is so good if that was all the album was, it would still be on this list.

15 - Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

My favourite Thrash album is a new thrash album. Such great songwriting, and the best guitar tone in metal. Lead singer Riley Gale died recently. It’s so sad, such a huge loss.

14 - Ultha - The Inextricable Wandering

A staggering piece of doomy Black Metal. Ultha have never recorded a bad song, The Inextricable Wandering is pretty much perfect.