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Francisco Ramos

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

What comedy most inspires you?

Universal comedy. I love making people laugh from every part of the world. I like to use my personal life and combine it with universal topics.

Which comedian most inspires you?

Before I started doing comedy, I was a big fan of Seinfeld and Chappelle. Seinfeld because of his universal material, and Chapelle because of how he combined his life and how natural and effortless he's on stage. 

When I started doing comedy and working at the Comedy Store, Sebastian Maniscalco was the one I looked up to because of his material, physicality on stage and how he handled his career. 

Which comedian scares the shit out of you because you know you'll never be that good?

No comedian scares me. I can just be the best version of myself.

Why and how did you get into comedy?

The main reason is that I was unhappy with my career choice. I graduated as a Finance and Int'l Business major, and when I started working, I was miserable because I did not enjoy it all. So I had a quarter life crisis, and wanted to find my passion, and that led to comedy.

What drives you to do what you do?

What drives me is knowing that I found my gift, and I was put on this earth to use it. It also drives me to be in a position where I can help people with my comedy, directly or indirectly. 

Describe your perfect Tuesday.

Sleeping good, Working out, filming, and then sets at night. 

Describe your worst experience on a coach.

Doing college gigs and driving around in the snow in a rental car at night. It's the worst because you're by yourself in the middle of nowhere and you start thinking about what you're doing with your life. 

Best sofa you've ever slept on?

Any of my sister's sofas. She has good taste.

Best piece of advice a comedian ever gave you?

Always perform the same way no matter what the crowd size is. 

Worst piece of advice a critic ever gave you?
Lose the accent.

Tell us a joke.

Knock, Knock..

What's the furthest you've travelled for the least amount of money/open spot?

4 hours back and forth to feature for like $100 while giving a ride to two drunk friends. 

Best chicken you've ever tasted?

Venezuela chicken called "Pollo a la Brasa"

On a scale of 1-10 , how hungry are you right now?

Always a 9, no matter the time or day.

How did you get involved with Highway Man?

I actually reached out to Henry a while back because of his sketches of "You and your fucking coffee" I told him that they were really good and if he needed any help, I would be down. So that's how we started collaborating. 

How was it filming during the Pandemic? 

It was great. Henry made it very safe and easy. We shot scenes separately. And we wore masks all the time. So it was fun to be able to work while being quarantined. 

Do you think this is the future of TV and filmmaking and did you enjoy the experience? 

Yes, for at least a good year. Productions will have to be covid compliance, people wearing masks, getting tested all the time. I think it's not a bad thing, because it makes people safe and still be able to work. And it will only last until there's vaccines and treatments so it's not going to be forever. 

How did it differ to other experiences you may have had in film and TV? 

The only thing that was different was dealing with the Covid restrictions. But everything else was pretty much the same.

Francisco is co starring in the Patreon funded show "Highway Man"

To support this project click here

Find out more about Francisco, including upcoming shows, sketches and his album Vayalo, in the links below:

Photo Credit : Matt Misisco

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