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Teresa Lo

What comedy most inspires you?

I like observational standup, fun TV shows, tweets, sketches, etc. I'm inspired by anything that makes me laugh, is memorable, or gives me some kind of strong reaction.

Which comedian most inspires you?

I'm inspired by Dave Chappelle and how he tackles social issues. He's very fearless, and he doesn't apologize because he believes in what he says.

Which comedian scares the shit out of you because you know you'll never be that good?

When I first saw this question I just saw "what comedian scared the shit out of you" and I was going to answer the predator ones.

Why and how did you get into comedy?

I've always loved movies and TV shows, and when I was in college, my first big break was getting to be an intern for The Late Show with David Letterman. After that I went to film school and pursued writing only; but about two years ago, I finally tried standup. I took a class at Flappers University in Burbank, California, and I've been working on my craft ever since.

What drives you to do what you do?

I'm most driven by wanting to form connections with people. I spend a lot of time writing alone, and I wanted to do standup so that I could be social. This is a dark thing to say, but I recently had an aunt who died who lived somewhat of a spinster life. She and my other aunt lived together for years. They didn't have children, romantic partners, or friends. They just isolated with each other; and when my aunt died, the other was really lonely.  Seeing all that cemented in me the importance of having a community and something to do.

Describe your perfect Tuesday.

My perfect Tuesday starts with me exercising in the morning at my gym, and after I get back, I shower and get ready for the day. I write for a few hours, watch some TV, and grab an early dinner with a friend. It's a very boring day, but I like routines, low stress, and good food.

Describe your worst experience on a coach.