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Podcasts and online shows.

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I don't listen to many podcasts. I listen to a lot of music at home and also have favourite comedies like The Thick of It on in the background when I'm busy. When the noise stops I tend to stop too. Here's a small growing selection of podcasts and online shows that I currently enjoy.

Keane On Things - Patrick Keane discusses his week in a stream of consciousness. This is episode 27 and they're 30 minutes long ,so easy to catch up on (although these work as stand alone episodes). I find this really calming. Recommended for the curious brain.

The Bitter Buddha - Eddie Pepitone talks to a really diverse range of comedians in a lively freewheeling manner. There's no set agenda but it's mostly political at the moment. He's often on Instagram live too, so he's worth following to see who he pops up with.

The Bad Piano Player - John Wing Jr

John Wing Jr, veteran Canadian comedian, brings his love of popular music of the 20s, 30's and 40s and sings his favourites. I talk more about this with John in my upcoming second interview, the first was originally published in 2018. It's truly delightful and nice to delve into an area I know nothing about.

Let's Go Atsuko ! - Atsuko Okatsuka

Let's Go, Atsuko! is a hit live show & weekly podcast where Atsuko Okatsuka has in-depth yet silly interviews with her guests & plays customized games in the spirit of a Japanese Game Show.

Conspiracy Brunch - Arielle Dundas.

Conspiracy Brunch - A conversational comedy show on Zoom hosted by Arielle Dundas and featuring her comedian friends. Quite delightful.

Check out Arielle's comedy here -

Hoarders Game Show- Rebecca Kaplan

Watch fellow hoarder and comedian Rebecca Kaplan try and persuade her contestants that she really does need this seemingly useless item.

Check out Rebecca's comedy here -


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